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Hortus Landscaping Works, quality craftmanship and dedication

We had a talk with Muhammad Nadeem Anwar,Managing Partner of Hortus Landscaping Works in Dubai. Offering landscape design, construction and maintenance services for all size projects and properties. Mr Muhammad, what are the main services you offer? Hortus Landscaping is a professional landscaping firm offering full range of services in …

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Dr. Nina : Losing weight without dieting ? Yes we can !

Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin Psy.D, psychoanalyst, author and speaker is specialized in weight, body image and disordered eating, with a successful clinical practice in Los Angeles. We had an interview with this remarkable lady also available in the UAE ! Dr Nina, how can a psychoanalyst help you overcome eating issues? …

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Chloe Widera (Apres-vous UAE), successful and ambitious

  Chloe you graduated from the Makeup Forever Academy in Paris..Can You tell us some more about this academy ? The Makeup Forever academy is one of the most prestigious makeup up training schools worldwide, It was a dream come true. I enrolled in a 9 month training course. I learnt so …

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